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10 Best Serif Fonts That You Will Ever Need

nadeemrasheed - May 22, 2022 - 0 comments

Choosing fonts in website, logo or any other graphic design project, it can be a tedious task.

There are a lot of serif fonts available in the market to choose from, but you need to make sure that you use correct fonts that are appropriate and matching with your brand, easy to read, and convey your message to your target audience.

There are some best free fonts for logo, websites and magazines in this collection that can be downloaded and definitely these fonts will help you improve your typography!

These 10 best serif fonts collection will help you in your next graphic / web design projects.

1. Adobe Caslon

Magazines / Newspapers, Books, Journals, corporate communication.

2. Adobe Garamond

Textbooks and magazines / Newspapers.

3. Bodoni

Headlines / Taglines, text, logos, posters, and banners.

4. Excelsior

Magazines / Newspapers, Status Reports, Business Proposals.

5. Lucida

Printing material, websites and taglines.

6. Minion

Books, Magazines / Newspapers, Packaging and stationary

7. Times New Roman

Magazines / Newspapers, corporate communication, letter and branding / stationary.

8. Trajan

Books, Magazines / Newspapers, billboards / signboards, logos or heading taglines.

9. Walbaum

Magazines / Newspapers, journals, books.

10. Perpetua

To displays with fine lettering, long text pages, magazines and newspapers.

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